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Current exhibition



Last year we have joined forces as a group of figurative artists and are exhibiting together under the name FIGS. The WACKERS ACADEMIE for figurative art is our common foundation, our metaphorical fig tree from which we have branched out into DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. During the exhibition we will display the fruits of our growth process.

On view from Wednesday March 27th until May 5th at Expoost in Hoorn

New works on view at the exhibition

Human entanglement

In this series I am investigating the power of human entanglement. As long as it is involvement and interconnection it has the power to make one grow, but from the moment it suffocates one can loose oneself and kills the freedom of being. By interconnecting human body parts and playing with color it visualizes both sides. 

Freedom of being (2023-2024)

In this series  I embrace the beauty of uniqueness and power of being different. I want to celebrate people who dare to be different in a world where everyone tries to be the same. Through form and color I visualize how rewarding it is to feel free to be who you are. 

There are many men and women, who have queerness in them, sometime there will be a history of all kinds of them.

Gertrude Stein, The making of Americans, 1925


Bowl of abundance, 2023 

With this ceramic bowl I refer to the FIGTREE 🌳as symbol for the conflicting nature of LIFE, with LIMITLESS possibilities on one side, and the need to CHOOSE on the other side.

Abundance incorporates the fear to MISS OUT on other opportunities and the REGRET to have chosen the wrong one 😅🥲‼️ Do you want to read 📖 how  SYLVIA PLATH used this METAPHOR in THE BELL JAR , see my blog.

Solo-exhibition in Dufaycafe, De Lairessestraat/Dufaystraat Amsterdam

Bringing the spirit of the Vondelpark in the heart of the Vondeldorp : The Dufaycafe

On view until February 25th 2024

First impression of my artwork

Me at work