27. February 2021
To force myself to keep painting and drawing I’ve signed up for a new intereactive course “color online” with one of my Wackers teachers Maarten Welbergen. Starting from a minimal colorpallet, we increase the number of colors or change the technique, while we move through the “History of Art”. I am so excited and look forward to every monday evening. So many parallel with my study at the UVA. It is kind of all coming together. The first lesson we started with only 3 colours raw umber,...
01. October 2019
Working on a commission. Elephants for a childrens room. Try out different compostions in form and color on paper. Was very excited to try out gouache for the first time. I really like it
15. September 2019
Great opening of the exhibition in the Boterhal in Hoorn, still on view until october 20th
10. September 2019
Today the curator Philine Van der Veghte and I have build the exposition. Not easy to hang 25 different artist and total different works in such a way that everyone gets the expected attention and that the whole is more than every work as such.
01. September 2019
This sunday I gave a lecture about the evolution of figurative art and its relation and position vs abstract art. A revealing journey for myself and everyone who attended the Sunday Afternoon Salon in the Boterhal in Hoorn. Interested? Let me know maybe we can organise an other one
07. June 2019
Today after 5 years I've graduated from the Wackers Academy. What an amazing evening and so many friends and family to celebrate this with
15. May 2018
As I could not leave the house I just painted my garden seen from the studio
14. May 2018
Another beautiful day in the Vondelpark
10. May 2018
4 days no brushes but enjoying the beauty of Valencia
09. May 2018
Not a really motivated today ...so I went with the flow

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