About me

I am a Belgian artist, living in Amsterdam. As I come from a family of home decorators and homedecorating wholesale I grew up with paint and colour my whole life. After graduating from the Antwerp University as an economist, I moved to Amsterdam to work with a paintsupplier, met my husband, got 3 amazing children. I really enjoyed working life, and never expected it to change so much. Moving to Poland in the summer of 2008, turned our lifes upside down. Having to give up my work opened up a new opportunity: I signed up for an artclass. A life changing decision. Vojtek Pakowski was an inspiring teacher, who made me believe everyone can draw or paint. Thanks to him I discovered a complete new world, the world of light and dark, and the amazing nuance of colour. I realized that drawing a body is as simple as drawing a vase, as long as you look at it in terms of shadow and light. In Poland I experienced for the first time the joy of drawing and painting as a form of meditation. With Agnieszka Karasch I learned to include perspective and life modelling from a more technical point of view. Then we moved to Sweden. In Gothenburg with the on-going support of Peter Heffner, I gradually discovered my own footprint. He stimulated me to pass the boundaries of control and follow the directions of the material. I have tried out new techniques and combined these with my beloved material "oil", which I have started to use in different ways. During the summer of 2014 he gave me the opportunity to have my first solo- exhibition "Fly Away". After moving back to Amsterdam in 2014 i decided to improve my skills and signed up for the Wackers Academie, where we learn drawing and painting techniques from many inspiring international artists. There I learned to draw what I see, and not what I think I see, which is a world of difference. If you do not know what to do, just go back to the subject and Look ... which is fascinating, because the longer you look the more variety in colours and form you see. In June 2019 I graduated with a kit filled with tools, to grow and deepen my own footprint. In September 2019 I started a Bachelor Art History at the UVA. It is my deepest wish that my enthusiasm can inspire many others to discover this journey into art, and they will have the chance to experience the same joy and freedom of creation. I would like to thank my family, friends and teachers for their stimulation and belief in my passion.


University of Amsterdam, Bachelor in Art History - Started in september 2019

Wackers Academie, Academy for figurative art, Amsterdam - Drawing and painting from life -from 2014-2019

Wackers Academie, Masterclasses and summerschool

  • Portraitpainting - Irma Braat
  • Modelpainting - Jim Harris
  • Modelpainting - Sam Drucker
  • Sculpting life model - Natasha Benninck
  • Sculpting life model/Anatomie - Figura - Sanne van Tongeren
  • Sculpting Portrait - Loes Verbeek

Lindholmens konstrum,  Göteborg - Member of the Artgroup

Lindholmens Konstskola, Göteborg  - Peter Heffner- Göteborg - from 2013-2014 

Medborgarskola, Göteborg  -  Kroki, aquarel och färgläre - 2012

ABF KonstkolaGöteborg - oilpainting - from 2012 - 1014

Folkuniversitat Göteborg, Art College, lördagsskola (Peter Heffner) konstutbildning, painting and life drawing - from 2012 to 2014; 

Designo , Warsaw - perspective and life drawing with with Agnieszka Karasch, 2009 to 2011

ARP, Art educationWarsaw - drawing and painting with Vojtek Pakowski - from 2008 to 2011;







2019 - Lecture about figurative art in the contemporary art world - Sunday Afternoon Salon - Hoorn

2019 - Group exhibition Figuratief Now - Boterhal - Hoorn

2019 - Group exhibition - End exam Wackers

2018 - Solo Exhibition - La vie Quotidien dans Le Pain Quotidien - Le Pain Quotidien - Cornelis Schuytplein - Amsterdam -Oud-Zuid -

2017- Group exhibition Wackers Academie - the Wackers garden - Amsterdam

2016 - Group Exhibition Wackers Academie - Staring Plein - Amsterdam

2014 - Solo Exhibition - Fly Away - Lindholmen2013 - Group exhibition Lindholmenskonstrum